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Boat Owners and Marine Enthusiasts

Boat owners and marine enthusiasts across the globe are connecting more and more easily to share and trade info, news on all types of boats and marine vessels. While The World Ocean physically connects our continents, online platforms are connecting large boat-owning communities in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia electronically.

‘Marine USA’ connects seamlessly to ‘Marine Australia’ to ‘Marine Europe’ and beyond to create a global boating community with shared interests. Greater connection means more and more information which can swamp even the savviest boat buyers. We navigate through the waves of data to bring you core fundamentals to assist with your boat purchasing decisions.


While nothing can match the thrill of checking out boats for sale in person at the marina, at a boat show or in a boatyard with the smell of salt air and all the other sensory experiences that add to our love of boating, you can’t argue that online platforms have certainly simplified the browsing process. We can now check out boats for sale from around the world or around the corner without even leaving home. Online or in person? What are the best ways and places to discover great boat buys?


Need to replace your inboard engine, considering trading up to a more powerful outboard motor or need a new motor for a restoration project. We explore where to find marine motors and engines for sale.


Trading up or buying your first boat. Expanding your marine business or replacing vessels. Looking to buy a boat to fulfil a life-long bucket list dream or satisfy life-long boating enthusiasm. For both individuals and businesses, securing a great boat loan or marine finance deal can be essential to your boat purchase. We outline the types of boat finance available and the ways forward to securing a great offer.


It’s not only boats for sale ads that have made their way to your online device. You can now also calculate a rough estimate on repayments on a boat loan from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone with online boat finance calculators. We outline how to use these tools properly.


Protecting your valuable investment and treasured possession is a no-brainer for most boat owners. But to assess and select which policy best suits your needs you’ll need your brain switched-on. We provide information on a range of aspects around boat insurance.