About Us

Navigating the Waves of Boating Information

When early adventurers, explorers and traders used the world ocean to connect them from country to country, they used the stars in the skies to navigate. As boat buyers and enthusiasts use the worldwide web to connect sellers and buyers across borders, people are relying on the stars on reviews to navigate through the data.

We see our role as providing ways forward on where you can source the information you are seeking to make decisions around buying a boat, a motor or boating accessories. Our team are across many sectors of the boating scene, regularly assessing data on boat sales and especially staying up to date with boat finance. Sharing the knowledge we have acquired and information as it comes to hand with the wider boating community.

We are especially aware that finance is an important issue with every major purchase in both our personal and business lives. Most people will need to access a loan at some stage and boat purchases are no different. We share our expertise in the marine finance sector around the different pathways that both personal and business buyers face to source a loan for buying a boat.

We know people who can assist you with a range of finance options and we are happy to share our contacts if you are seeking:

Business Marine Finance:

  • Marine Chattel Mortgage
  • Marine Leasing
  • Marine Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

Personal Boat Loan:

  • Secured Boat Loan
  • Unsecured Personal Loan

Insurance is a key component of the financial services industry and our connections extend to boat and marine insurance.

Our interests are very much focussed on the online marketplace as we constantly seek out better ways to connect boat buyers and boat sellers with each other and with the service providers they require. We are committed to bringing quality, reliable information to the online space to ensure users can navigate their way to safe haven for their boat purchases.