Boats for Sale

Finding boats for sale has never been easier! Online platforms and manufacturer and dealer websites are streamlining access for buyers to connect seamlessly with sellers not only in local markets but internationally.


Online Boat Marketplaces

In Australia, there are many online platforms which advertise both new and used boats, sail and power, for pleasure and for business.

One of the longest running sources was traditionally the magazine Trading Post which has now gone online. Other major group sites include, and Boats can also be found on Ebay.

Individual manufacturers, boat builders and boat dealers have very informative websites for you can check out. Many of these sites have very high quality photos and videos which provide extremely realistic tours throughout the vessels.

Boat Sale Auctions

Auctions have always been a good source for used boats for sale and most of the leading auction houses have gone online. You can browse the collections beforehand and many offer online bidding.

Boat Shows

Online access may make life easier. But for true boating enthusiasts nothing beats the in-person experience. To connect boat buyers and sellers directly and in person, there is an extensive calendar of boat shows in both capital cities and across the regional areas throughout the year.

The major shows are the Sydney International Boat Show, Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, Perth International Boat Show and the major show in Melbourne. Check the dates for shows in your area on the Boating Industry of Australia website

Regional caravan, camping and outdoor shows also include boating, in particular fishing boats and smaller recreational ranges. A quick online search will bring up events near you.

Buying in Person

Finding what’s on offer via online sites is great, but it is always advisable to inspect the boat in person before committing to purchase. Local marinas, boat yards and marine hubs are great places to visit to discuss directly with professional dealers what is available for sale. If you’re purchasing from a private seller and you select to use a marine finance broker to assist with finance, they may be in a position to assist with checking title and encumbrances.

Buying Decisions

There a raft of decisions to be made when buying a boat.

Here’s a few tips:

  • Assess your requirements: what sized boat, how are you going to use it and very importantly where are your going to store it when not in use.
  • Storage: thoroughly review your options before committing to a purchase. Larger boats will need to be moored at a mooring or a marina. You can check out the options for mooring availability at your state government waterways department website. For smaller boats you will need a trailer which should be taken into your cost considerations. For trailer boats, ensure your vehicle is equipped to cater for the trailer, that you have safe place to park it and that your driver’s licence covers you for trailers.
  • Boat licences: check your state government waterways department website for the requirements in your state.
  • New or used: new is great but the used boat market is massive. Ensure you run the usual checks on condition, safety and for any encumbrances.
  • Buying internationally: many Australian buyers are interested in buying boats from the USA marine market. This is done quite often and can be facilitated by engaging with a customs or logistics agent in your home port or discussing options with your finance broker who may be of assistance with the overseas transactions and other details.
  • Safety equipment: there are strict rules in all states around the safety equipment that boat owners are required to have onboard. Ensure you comply and that you check the equipment regularly. Water safety is critical to keeping you, your family and your friends safe so you can enjoy your boating experience.

When you have selected your boat, or even beforehand, you’ll likely need a boat loan. Head over to our Boat Finance webpage for information.