Boat Finance Calculator

Just as the boating world connects online for sales and to share information, the marine finance sector connects with customers through online portals with finance calculators. These resources allow users to receive an estimate of repayments on various boat purchase prices. They are very useful resources but all providers stress that they are to be used as a guide only.


Benefits of Online Calculators

Imagine how useful it would be to have some indication of what your boat loan repayments would be while you’re browsing the boats for sale. It would definitely assist in culling your selection from a dream list to a realistic list or allow you to lift your expectations to a bigger boat!

By providing users with a rough ballpark on repayments, calculators offer many benefits:

  • Provide confidence when bidding at auction and provide certainty around the level you can bid to.
  • Provide confidence when negotiating price with a private seller.
  • Allow buyers to narrow their search within their affordability range.
  • Allow buyers to organise other aspects of their financial arrangements in preparation for a boat loan.
  • Assist in deciding whether or not to use existing cash reserves for a deposit to reduce the amount needed in a boat loan.
  • Compare repayments on any number of different boats to see how total purchase price is reflected in the repayments.

Using a Calculator

Online calculators are available on many finance provider websites and set-out in a universally accepted online format with fields, essential information marked and accessibility from most devices.

  • You start by entering the amount your wish to borrow. This may be the entire purchase price, the price less any deposit you choose to pay or the boat price plus an allowance for an extra expenses you may incur in relation to the sale.
  • You then enter the number of months or years you would like to repay the loan.
  • Enter the interest rate as advertised by that provider.
  • Business borrowers can also enter a balloon or residual value if desired.
  • You then click CALCULATE and a monthly repayment will be displayed.


Read the disclaimer and any other notifications provided so you are fully aware of the limitations of that particular calculator.

These are usually generic devices and can only formulate basic calculations. They don’t have the capabilities to predict what your lender may charge in fees or any aspects of your individual profile which may affect the repayment. You real outcome may be better than the calculator result or it could more be more.

Boat Finance Calculators are a great resource for boat buyers. If you would like links to a boat finance calculator, please contact us.