Motors for Sale

Need to replace your inboard engine? Considering trading up to a more powerful outboard? Need a new motor for a restoration project? An extensive range of highly reputable marine motor and engine manufacturers are represented in Australia either via dealers or through their direct outlets.


Marine motors are classified by inboard and outboard engines.

A few tips:

  • Outboards provide more space in the main section of the boat as they are mounted on the transom.
  • IInboard engines may be petrol or diesel powered and are available in a wide range of power ratings from small speedboat and fishing boat models to massive units to power huge marine vessels.
  • Outboard Motors are available in a very wide range of power ratings. Some boats are sold with the outboard as a combination and some sales you have the choice of purchasing the outboard separately.
  • According to some sources, the average life of an outboard motor is 1500 hours.

The online marketplaces that offer boats for sale also include listings for motors for sale. Browse through the offerings at special boat sites such as, and general platforms such as and Ebay. You’ll see the engine and motors tab in the menu.

Purchasing either new or used from an authorised dealer can be a smart decision as the sale will most likely be covered by warranties and guarantees. All states and territories have consumer laws that protect buyers of many products to a limited degree. If you are buying a second hand motor and have any doubts about the condition, you may like to refer to your state fair trading or consumer affairs authority for guidance.

Major Manufacturers

Names to look for in marine engines are Volvo Penta, Mercury, Evinrude, Nanni, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha amongst others. These are leading international manufacturers which have been producing quality motors for boats and some for other vehicles, for a very long time. Which is the best? That’s a debate for the back bar!

Buying Tips

  • To assist with your decision-making, read the reviews and showcases of new products on the boat sale websites for feedback from experts who have trialled many of the latest releases. Professional, expert reviewers are usually very honest with their assessment of both boats and engines.
  • Consider fuel efficiency: manufacturers have been making big advances in innovation and technology to make engines more efficient to help the environment and your back pocket.
  • Noise levels: if you’re planning to head off to your favourite fishing spot before sunrise from a boat ramp in a residential area, you might like to consider the noise level of the engine you’re buying!
  • Power creates wash: keep an eye on waterway speed limits and wash zones and ensure your motor is suited to the waterways you will be enjoying.
  • Know your engine: if you’re offshore fishing, up-river with the family, exploring a remote bay up the coast and your engine starts playing up….mmm, help might be a long way away. Investigate basic courses to upskill your knowledge and capabilities so you can handle minor repairs to get yourself going.
  • Check the boating licence regulations in your state to ensure you have the qualifications for the power of the motor you are purchasing.

Maintain your boat engine or outboard motor properly, preferably with professional marine engineers to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your boating experience.